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About Scholar study solution

Hi, how are you? I am writing this to express my heartiest gratitude. 

Many of you must be a coding enthusiast or looking forward to learning to code as an additional feather to your skill set.

If you are, then this would be a good read for you. The experience will help you discover more about your passion and how you can nail it.

My Story! 

 I love my parents, family and my friends, and have been loved back. I’ve crossed paths with many enlightening beings and learned a lot on this journey of coding.

It all started when I received recognition for a technological computer exhibition. I believe technology prospers with time, and the same gets reflected in the future.

Despite sharing expert knowledge and expertise in the industry, I wasn’t satisfied. I was searching forward to rationalize my dream of revolutionizing coding.


As a coder, I experienced challenges in allying to the right codes, choosing the right coding course, the frustration of finding an error in the code, to an extent that I thought about quitting. I cried. Then again, I started at the same lines of code for hours before I realized I was missing something really meagre, a semicolon, or forgot to close a div. I can’t count how many times I committed that mistake!

When you decide to become a coder, frustrations become your constant; but the key to conquering these is what makes you a champion. This is something that led to the formation of “Verma Computer Technology”. I set up “Verma Computer Technology” with a mission to help children combat these frustrations and master coding without errors.

I believe if we stop to do our best, then someone else will, AND THEN THE CHASE FOR WINNING BEGINS! Dwindling between choosing the dream and facing the anguish of my people, I started my institution, named “Verma Computer Technology”.


But then life is not fair to everyone. I had to shut it down.

Life offers you the chance. How we rationalize it entirely depends on our actions and decisions. Re-starting coaching was indeed a challenge. But I realized my mission was “to revolutionize coding” and thus, I took the risk and got started!

I set up Scholars Study Solution- “Sky for Excellence”  sister concern of “IFCA-Verma Institute”


  • To revolutionize coding and make it easy to grasp by a fresher
  • To eliminate any roadblocks to learning to code
  • Mastering syntax errors, debugging with little or no effort!
  • Intellectual and technological development of the children’s brain.
  • Directing children towards a bright future


Transform the world of coding with an easy-to-follow coding structure and counseling for children to choose the right programming language based on his/her interest, future goals, and future possibilities.

What Makes Scholar Study Solution different from other institutes? 

  • Coding classes for both technical and non-technical individuals
  • Offline and Online Coding classes (increased accessibility to coding) Step-by-step guidance to mastering coding
  • Multiple and flexible batches to choose from
  • 1:1 doubt clearance
  • Individual attention
  • Lifetime Membership 
  • 100% Practical

Regardless of the time you take, it can be 3 months or 3 good years! I am there for you to make your dreams a reality! 


Let’s work together to achieve this excellence. Everyone is a champion! It is all about beginning and never looking back!

Learn to code from scratch, and become a proficient coder!

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Our Team
Sweta Verma Computer Language Instructor

Passionate educator and tech enthusiast. Empowering minds through knowledge and technology. Join me on this journey of learning and growth! Unlock the world of coding with Sweta Verma, your friendly computer language teacher and MCA graduate. Join me on a journey to master programming languages and unleash your full potential in the digital realm. Let's code, learn, and create together!

Dr. M. S. Bora CS/IT Educator

Unlocking the power of knowledge through education. Dr. M.S. Bora, PhD and CS/IT Educator, dedicated to shaping the minds of future tech leaders. Join me on this transformative journey of learning and innovation. Let's push boundaries together!

Adv. Neeraj Verma GST/Income Tax Instructor

Unlock your financial potential with Adv. Neeraj Verma, your go-to GST and Income Tax instructor. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field, he'll guide you through the intricacies of tax laws and help you navigate the world of finance with confidence. Whether you're a student or a professional seeking to upskill, join Adv. Neeraj Verma to unlock new opportunities and maximize your success. LLB qualified and dedicated to your growth,

Er. Baljeet Singh System Support Engineer

Tech troubles? Fear not! I'm Baljeet Singh, your friendly neighborhood System Support Engineer. I specialize in untangling complex IT issues and ensuring smooth operations for businesses. Let me be your go-to guru for all things tech-related. Together, we'll conquer any digital challenge that comes our way!

Princi Verma English Speaking Instructor

Unlock the power of language with Princi Verma, your trusted English spoken teacher. English specialist. Join me on a journey of fluency and confidence in the English language. Let's conquer communication barriers together!

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