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Are you interested in knowing the functionality of the web?   OR    How do you make a simple website?

Then the course is just for you!

Learn HTML Programming: A Complete Beginner’s to Expert Course

Scholar Study Solution offers an HTML course for students, graduates, or postgraduates willing to know how the internet functions.

From teaching creating a layout and formatting the webpages to the complete designing and development, we in our HTML programming course assist the student in conquering every obstacle to success and grab the dream pedestal.

Before discussing about how we do this, let’s begin with understanding the HTML.

What is HTML?

HTML full form is Hyper-Text Markup Language. It helps in creating Webpages and Web applications. HTML describes a website’s structure and information to the crawlers via the internet; standard for web pages displayed on the internet. Web Developers use HTML keywords to instruct web browser applications for formatting and displaying the content on the web.

Eligibility for HTML Course: HTML Tutorial for Beginners

  • The students have programming knowledge or experience in programming logic.
  • Ideal for 12th pass-outs, graduates, postgraduates
  • Interest in website designing and development
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science

Careers in HTML: Grab promising jobs in Web designing and Development

HTML is primarily used with scripting languages. The requirement for HTML is mainly found in top companies. It helps in creating website pages and applications.

HTML Developers mainly work in a team to create web pages for their website or for the vendors. The HTML coder should possess the capability to translate the code and design to align with the internet code. Learning HTML language is comparatively easy.

After learning HTML language, one can secure an entry-level job and can soon secure a seat as a senior coder, having developed the required coding skills. HTML Programming is a critical skill for any front-end developer; HTML Code. 

There are different job positions you can qualify for after learning HTML. 

  • Web developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web designer
  • Web architect
  • Computer Programmer
  • Senior web developer
  • net developer

HTML language will mainly help in understanding the principal aspects of a webpage and application. This skill is mainly required in the software industry.

We at Scholar Study Solution help students develop a liking for coding and teach the right way to develop a code for ranking on the internet. Apart from that, the comprehensive set of progressing assessments will get you writing HTML codes almost immediately.

With regular classes, you can watch and learn. We understand HTML or HTML 5 can overwhelm fresher’s, and hence conduct 1:1 doubt classes for ensuring clarity over concepts. The course structure is designed in such a way for the student to conquer fears of brackets and colons and grab certification within a month!

Yes, you have heard it right!


Course Duration: 1 Month

Syllabus of HTML course


Benefits of Learning HTML

  • Design the basic website layout yourself
  • Gather knowledge of what works beyond the internet
  • Optimize your blog posts
  • learn the pattern of creating webpages that rank
  • beneficial for web developers or designaspirants

Why Learn HTML Programming at Scholar Study Solution?

  • Live Coding classes
  • Learn the ability to read, write and understand coding
  • Develop interactive, responsive, and dynamic webpages
  • Expert faculty
  • Lifetime Consultancy support

Join 1000 others on this journey to explore the HTMLProgramming and get started learning the HTML CodeTODAY!

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