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Now many of you must be thinking “How to do WhatsApp marketing?”
Let’s first understand what WhatsApp Marketing is.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is a type of messenger marketing that implies promoting a business or a brand through the free software WhatsApp.  WhatsApp marketing helps in building an enormous audience, building a strong relationship with customers, and generating sales. WhatsApp allows you to send bulk messages to millions of customers at once.

Apart from that, you can attach any form of media like images, videos, or a document to promote your business online.

Eligibility for WhatsApp Classes

Any entrepreneur and want-to-be-entrepreneur can learn WhatsApp marketing.  If you wish to enjoy more customers, more sales, and more profits for your business, then WhatsApp online classes are beneficial for you.

Career Options in WhatsApp Marketing: WhatsApp Classes

  • WhatsApp marketing course is aimed at imparting the best ways to generate sales through WhatsApp. The course structure helps the student figure out different techniques used to engage and connect with customers in the most personalized way. Personalized messages provoke a sale and thus are considered as an important aspect of WhatsApp marketing online classes.
  • The goal of any business is fetching and reaching maximum customers, and WhatsApp makes this happen.
  • Enroll in the WhatsApp Marketing classes online and get started with the technique of communicating with your customers in different ways–by sharing a product review, product video, and personalized messages. And increase business engagement.
  • So, if you are eager to start a business, or market a product for better visibility and reach, then you can enroll in WhatsApp marketing classes in Kashipur at Scholar Study Solution.

Syllabus of Whatsapp Marketing: What You will learn

  • WhatsApp classes are designed for entrepreneurs and solo entrepreneurs to help them solve business issues related to marketing. In WhatsApp online classes, you will understand how you can use low-cost and advanced marketing techniques on WhatsApp to engage more customers.
  • Introduction to WhatsApp marketing
  • How to do whatsapp marketing
  • How to reach clients and customers without having their numbers saved on your contact list
  • How to send bulk WhatsApp personalized messages
  • How to avoid getting banned from WhatsApp
  • How to extract phone numbers from a group with just one click
  • How to set WhatsApp gateways
  • How to automate messages
  • How to make money from WhatsApp as an online marketer

With a perfectly designed course structure and practical assessment, students will grasp the concept of WhatsApp marketing clearly. We at Scholar Study Solution believe in understanding the student’s calibre and provide him personalized help at every step of tutoring “how to do WhatsApp marketing?”.

Course Duration: 15 Days

Benefits of Learning WhatsApp Marketing

  • Create a broadcast list
  • Use group chat for marketing
  • Personalize communication
  • Learn how to link a Google sheet with WhatsApp
  • Use the WhatsApp status feature to promote your services
  • Partner with complementary businesses and influencers

Why Enroll in WhatsApp Classes at Scholar Study Solution?

  • Beginners to advance level WhatsApp marketing classes
  • Offline and online classes
  • 1:1 attention
  • Expert and well-qualified teachers
  • Lifetime consultancy membership
  • Free demo class
  • Practical assessments
  • Doubt sessions
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