Full-stack Web Developer Course

If you are a coder or you are fond of coding, you must have heard of a full-stack developer.

But you have no clue what full-stack development is!
And how to become a full-stack developer!
No worries! 
You’ve come to the right place.

What is Full-Stack Web Development?

The term “Full-stack “ means to Techopedia, “ the entire set of software applications and technologies used to accomplish a particular platform for applications. This includes database software, operating system, and more.’’

 Full-stack web development refers to the development of a web application from both sides such as the front end and back end. The front end signifies the client-side. The back end signifies the server-side.

The person, who manages to develop the web application from both the front end and back end, is called Full Stack Web Developer.

Full-stack developer

Full-stack web developers are responsible for managing all that we can see on a website. They make websites more interactive and user-friendly for website visitors. They gather all data and store them for future use. They help design the website. They are all in all building a website.

What is Front end Development?

Front-end development deals with the visual interface of a website. When you browse a website, the part you can interact with and the part visible to your eyes come under the front end development. This part deals with clients that are why it is called client-side.

What is Back end development?

The name says it all. Whatever goes behind the scenes of a website is dealt with by back-end development. From storing databases to making clients’ experiences hassle-free, this part is responsible for all.

Eligibility to become a full stack web developer

  • To pursue full-stack web development candidates should have finished their high school education.
  • It is preferable to have computer science in high school.
  • The candidate must know using front-end and back-end technologies like HTML, Java, Script, etc.

Skills required becoming a full-stack developer

  • Full-stack engineers should know about front-end technology like JavaScript and HTML5. Css3 etc.
  • Full-stack developers must be well aware of programming languages like Python, Ruby, DotNet, etc.
  • Full-stack developers must have the basic designer ability.
  • Being a full-stack engineer, you should know about version control systems. (VCS).
  • It is also mandatory to know the database management system. (DBMS).

Career As A Full Stack Engineer

  • Full-stack development is a lucrative career to be in. You can earn a handsome amount being a full-stack web developer.
  • One full-stack web developer can earn up to INR 6,23.920 per annum.
  •  Many opportunities are available and many are going to open soon. So, if you have an interest in the IT industry, what are you waiting for? 

Course Duration

Various courses are available regarding full-stack web development.
 The duration may vary from course to course.
  • Based on PHP
  • Based on Node
  • Front End Development
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap5
  • PHP
Course Duration - 4 months
  • MEAN Stack Developer
  • MERN Stack Developer
  • MEVN Stack Developer

Course Duration - 6 months each



  • ReactJS Developer
  • Angular Developer
  • Vue Developer

Course Duration - 3 months Each

Benefits Of Being A Full Stack Developer

  • Versatility -Full-stack engineering job demands versatility. It requires different sets of skills to maintain a website from the client-side and server-side as well.
  • High in Demand– Demand for full-stack engineers has been growing rapidly. It even creates plenty of lucrative opportunities for the future.
  • High Pay -With the increasing demand for a full-stack web developer, companies are willing to pay high salaries to full-stack engineers. On Average, one full stack developer can earn a minimum of INR 52,000 per month. It increases with time and experience.
  • Creativity and Flexibility– You can show your creativity being a full stack developer and you also have the flexibility to change your role from time to time as a full stack web developer is a multitasking job.

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