Image Tag

The image tag in Html allows us to display inline images on our pages. The term inlines simply means that an image is inserted at a particular location “inline within a web page”. The most commonly used image format for the image is-

  1. Graphic Interchange Format (*.GIF)
  2. Joint Photographics expert group (*.JPEG)
  3. Portable Network Graphics (*.PNG)
  4. Tagged Image File (*.TIFF)
  5. Bitmap Image (*.BMP)

 The image tag is empty & stand-alone element syntax-

<img src=” path of image file”>

     The src (Sources) attribute is a required attribute that identifier the full or partial address (URL) or just the name of the fill to display.

<img src = ”flowers.GIF”>


(Here flowers.GIF fill must be in the same directory that contain your HTML document)

<img src = ”c:\xyz\flower.GIF”>